Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in Travel

Brasil – the first and so far last South American trip for me. After a totally turbular flight and the first closer contacts with the natives on the way to Rio I immediately made my way up north to Salvador where I stayed for the first couple of days. The cute old part of the city and its surrounding islands offered more than enough till Babs and Mel made their way up to Salvador as well in order to continue the journey together from there. While the ladies surfed another night on Patersons’ couch and even got a deeper insight into Michals‘ adventures, I made my way down to Itacaré. The days down in Itacaré were just truly amazing and I kinda fell in love with this place. Laid back atmosphere, good surf, great beaches, coastal rain-forest and lovely people – just an awesome place to stay and enjoy. While lingering along the beach we met Alan, a great guy which filled me in into the secrets of cacao on his lovely farm called Vila Rosa deep in the rainforest. Definitely one of the most exciting moments on that trip for me. After those chill days in Itacaré we made our way to Rio for our remaining couple of memorable Brasil impressions in between Sugarloaf, Copacabana and Ipanema. Rio is a fascinating place with its huge contrasts, stunning surroundings and lively population and definitely a dignified end to a great first trip to South America. Filled with lots of Acai and well equipped with enough Cachaca and Havaiana flip-flops for the upcoming decade we made our way home straight back to winter – exactly how it should be!

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