Posted by on Dec 23, 2011 in Travel

This years’ trip to British Columbia stood under an epic occasion – Melissa and Corey got married!!! The first couple of days I spent at beautiful Sunshine Coast in a lovely hut called Pebble Cove with Janine. At thanks giving we got invited by Norma and her friends for a delicious thanks giving dinner – such wonderful people and a cozy location! Later in the week I met up first with Adam, then with Corey, Oncle (Jesus) Willy, Ditte & family, Nolan and Andrew for some raging reunion in Vancouver. Towards the weekend Corey and I made our way to Kamloops for a fun meet ‘n’ greet & big reunion BBQ before the big day of Mel and Corey. The wedding was great, the weather, the couple and the location were just perfect! Truly a day to remember!! Thanks a lot to everybody making this one such a special week!!!

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