Channel Battle Vol. IV

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Snowboard

How much speed and airtime can your crew handle in original snowboard terrain? That was the question asked for the 4th consecutive time by the Hasliberg locals. One Mountain | Three Riders | Endless Channels was again the motto of the 4th annual Channel Battle organised by the good guys from Dedicated up in Meiringen-Hasliberg. The challenge of this event is to surf through perfectly shaped natural snowboarding terrain, get massive airtime on a few man-made take offs and ride the snow as it is, be it perfect powder or spring-time slush. Well we all were very lucky. With beeing able to shred the channels with 20cm of fresh and a blue bird day, there was definitely no limitations on creativity and going big. Partnering up with Alex Hung, Hans Hofmann and Reto Kestenholz building the 50/50 crew (50% fit, 50% hangover) was a lot of fun and I had a great day shreding the channels with those guys. The Channel Battle is in my view one of the remaining true rider events. These are the days which really matter and make snowboarding so valuable to me. Beeing able to be out there shreding natural terrain with great people puts a long lasting, memorable smile onto my stinky face. Check the video by Ernst Kehrli/ and some visual impressions by Christian Betschart to get an insight into the wonderful world of endless channels.

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