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Last weekend my second FWQ13 tour stop was on the agenda. At Corvatsch close to Silvaplana the Engadinsnow FWQ 4* event took place. The Corvatsch is the highest mountain of the Upper Engadine skiing region. A cable car takes you up on 3,303 meters. The view overlooking Lake Sils, Lake Silvaplana and the Bianco Ridge is spectacular and truly breathtaking.

After a 4 hour drive from Bern, I checked in at the Hotel Trais Fluors in the heart of Celerina just a stones throw away from St.Moritz. The Trais Fluors is an eco-friendly managed hotel with simple but functional rooms. The very obliging host family makes your stay a cozy and exceptionally pleasant Engadine experience.

On Thursday the qualification went down on Face Forcla. With the sun in my face, a breathtaking view over the Upper Engadin and some good tunes in my ears my personal stoke level could not have been bigger on my way up top. Due to the very windblown and hardpacked conditions the finals on North Face Corvatsch unfortunately did not take place and the results from Face Forcla counted as the final once for the 2013 Engadinsnow edition. With over 100 participants in total the contest took fairly long. Having bip number 106 drawn, my start was quite late in the afternoon and way behind schedule. The heavy winds up top made the two and a half hour wait quite unpleasant. The little Iglu we built helped me and a few other riders to keep warm and provided us a very welcomed wind shelter. At around two o’clock I finally was ready to go. Due to the windblown, hardpacked snow I chose a fluid fall line option with not too many or too high features involved. Unfortunately I missed my last feature turnoff on the bottom of my run and took the save chickenline out of the face. Judges were still quite satisfied with the fluidity and control and honored my run with the 11th place of the day. Considering the circumstances I am quite happy with that ranking.

Red dotted the line I wanted to ride, full red the line I actually rode and full black the face limitations.

On Friday the weather was quite blind and cloudy. Despite those suboptimal circumstances, the first ever Parallel Freeride event with only a handful invited riders took place in the morning. In this format two riders shred the same face at the same time. The knock out system choses the overall winner. I am curious if such a format will have a future, sure enough the show was spectacular. For the afternoon I met up with young and upcoming freeskier Gian Ragettli for some very fun Corvatsch tree runs at lower altitudes of the resort. My next and last FWQ13 stop will be in Morgins for the FWQ 2* event. So far the Grindelwald delegation consists of six extreme 270 underground riders. I am very much looking forward rolling into Morgins with this crew.

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