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After Melissa & Corey’s wedding I went to Honolulu, Oahu for some beach time. Straight from the airport I made my way up to the Northshore where I hanged out for 5 days. Using the Northshore as a starting point I explored the whole island. Besides the Northshore and its surroundings, I especially liked the whole drive down the Eastcoast where I was able to climb the Crouching Lion on the way. After the first couple of days on Oahu I hopped on a flight to Maui to discover the island, learn about new sports like wind-, kite- and big wave surfing first hand. I was very lucky to meet up with Bea, Ueli, Andrea and some other Swiss people and was especially happy to finally meet my Cousin Pascal and his son - after more than 20 years of no see. Some highlights of Maui were meeting Pascal, watching the Pro’s at Ho’okipa, catching some glassy waves in the morning despite my broken foot and the cast, the Road to Hana, the way up to Haleakalā and last but not least catching some fish at Paia Fish Market. After having spent a couple of days on those two islands I definitely can understand why this place is for many people the paradies on earth… A big Mahalo for all the friendliness and the lovely hospitality!

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  1. pascal
    January 12, 2012

    hey Roy,

    nice meeting you as well and hope to see you soon again!

    on and of the water!




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