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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Snowboard

The Summit Foundation stands for an independent Swiss non-profit organisation, founded in the year 2001 in order to protect the nature and beauty of our country. The protection of our mountains and lakes is one of the Foundation’s main environmental concerns, which are at the same time Switzerlands treasures towards a sustainable tourism.

The protection of this unique environment can only be achieved through a certain awareness and action, especially during Xpress money fees major events. Therefore the Summit Foundation wants to raise public awareness of certain environmental issues and offer simple, practical and suitable solutions such as the ECOBOX, a small waste container made of recycled tin, or the ECOPOINTS, a collecting point for recyclables that are set up at major events or highly frequented points to avoid littering. The Foundation’s mission is to make everyday life, leisure and environmental protection compatible. So is mine throughout every single part of my life and especially every time I venture out. Therefore I am very happy to be as the new Summit Foundation ambassador in a position to contribute my very own part to that essential cause, raise awareness and give mother nature with my engagement a little crumb back.

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