T-Bar Free Session Morgins

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Snowboard

Last weekend the FWQ 2* event T-Bar Free Session took place in Morgins. A powerful extreme freeride crew consisting of seven frequent Grindelwald shredders made this event a very special one. With Christian Von Gunten, Jannick Jungo, Manuel Kunz, Philippe Gertsch, Reto Marolf and Simon Imobersteg on bord the two days in Morgins felt just like riding at home with friends. In my view exactly how a contest should feel like. After an early Saturday morning ride up to Morgins, we immediately occupied our accommodation on the French side of Morgins. After a short face check and a quik snowmobile ride up to the start gate, the 1st qualification run kicked off on time. The second qualification run was at the same face just a couple of meters away from the previous location. Since we all hiked up for our second run, we were able to save a lot of time and start our second run immediately. Therefore we were done with our two qualification runs by two o’clock and had enough time to shred the local forests. The conditions were great and we were able to score some fun slashes throughout the Morgins forests. After a delicious meal, a couple of beers and drinks we all were bed ready and were looking forward on Sunday’s finals. With six out of seven making it to the finals, pretty much the whole crew was ready to put down another horror show. Due to the fact the event organizers let almost 3/4 of all the riders ride the finals, the whole procedure took pretty much the entire day and ended up in an unpleasant waiting game, especially for the riders which were placed in the leading qualification positions like myself with the 3rd place. Luckily the snow and weather conditions were perfect, which made the wait endurable. I was stoked to be able to find some untracked snow and a fun, unridden line. Judges were happy with it as well and rewarded the run with the 3rd place and my first FWQ podium. Vogi got 5th, Simon 6th, Reto 12th, Mänu 13th. I had a great weekend with a solid crew and I am already looking forward to some future horror show adventures.

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