Voelkl SNB Team Concept Meeting

Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Snowboard

Last week the Völkl Snowboards Team Concept Meeting took place in Mayrhofen, Austria. Car pooling with Swiss co team riders Elena Koenz, Andreas Iseli and Martin ‘Seili’ Seiler made the six hour journey to Mayrhofen easy. Just in time for the first meeting we made it to our home base Haus Schmidhofer in the heart of Mayrhofen. After some first interesting insights into the collection 13/14, we made our way up via the Klettersteig Pfeilspitzwand to the Gasthaus Zimmereben where we enjoyed some delicious Schnitzel and Radler for dinner. Back at our home base it was time for another meeting and later some big screen soccer action for the rest of the evening. After a rich breakfast the second day started off with another meeting until we left our home base for our second and third adventure – Canyoning and Tubing. As many others in our group I personally done Canyoning for the first time. And let me tell you – it was a shitload of fun! Perfect, sunny weather, impressive stone and wood creatures, cliff jumps, rapids, roping and a breathtaking scenery along the way made this a unique experience. After roughly three hours spending in the canyon, we took along some tubes and tubed down some raging torrent for the last part of the journey. Back at our home base a delcicous bbq was setup in order to fill up our snarling bellies. For the evening the Team Photo Awards with amazing photos from around the globe took place until the stage was set again for our soccer colleagues for the second EURO2012 semi final. After some last third day morning meetings, we made our way back to Switzerland. Great, memorable three days in Mayrhofen!

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